Why Women Should Approach Men More Often. Is you real or nah?
Why Hawks Owner is More Racist Than Clippers Owner
It Ain’t As Bad As 1855. But it Ain’t No Better Than 1935. Is It Time to Leave America? #Ferguson
An N-Word Cookie Jar may be more effective than banishment.  I’d Rather We Got Casinos.
I, Barack Obama, play the race card and It’s Skip me, Skip me, Draw 4. Richard Sherman plays race card and it’s Uno, Uno out!
Jordan Releases Limited Bloodz & Crips Sneakers. Sold in Crenshaw Liquor & Firearm stores ONLY
I’m Less offended Jesus is played by a white male and more offended Jesus is being played by Jennifer Aniston #SonOfGod
OPRAH Rescues Africa from starvation. Helicopter Drops The Secret over Poorest Countries
Steve Harvey Starts First All Male Women’s Church. Tyrese Appointed Bishop.
I’ll Be Gay for a Day

Perfect Peace by Daniel Black

Perfect Peace by Daniel Black - a phenomenal read.

Perfect Peace is the ultimate page turner. It’s hilarious, triumphant, heart wrenching, and spiritual. It’s so authentic that it follows you, makes you question… Continue Reading →

Why Women Should Approach Men More Often. Is you real or nah?

Women getting make up for the guys they will ignore later tonight

I just realized it but to date my most rewarding relationships came when women stepped to me. Continue Reading →

New Mike Brown Video – 1 White testimony vs an entire city’s.

Do we take comfort in this video simply because it appears that these men do not look, sound, or act “Black”? Why o Why o Why? Continue Reading →

Why Hawks Owner is More Racist Than Clippers Owner

bruce levenson and donald sterling

What’s most important in Bruce Levenson’s email is how it masterfully reveals how our entire economy reinforces racism when no “racists” are even around effectively forcing non-racist to play by its rules. Continue Reading →

White People Riot When the Lakers Win the Finals And That’s When They’re Happy! And Keke Palmer’s Mental Breakdown #Ferguson #BlackLivesMatter

Keke Palmer on Mike Brown

Of course, White looting and rioting doesn’t excuse Black looting and rioting. But I must say that of the few reasons to justifiably riot and loot unjust blood shed and violent death is probably at the top of the list. #Ferguson #BlackLivesMatter Continue Reading →