Top 5. Crasp. But Telling. Telling on who?
Why Hawks Owner is More Racist Than Clippers Owner
It Ain’t As Bad As 1855. But it Ain’t Much Better Than 1955. Is It Time to Leave America? #Ferguson
An N-Word Cookie Jar may be more effective than banishment.  I’d Rather We Got Casinos.
I, Barack Obama, play the race card and It’s Skip me, Skip me, Draw 4. Richard Sherman plays race card and it’s Uno, Uno out!
Jordan Releases Limited Bloodz & Crips Sneakers. Sold in Crenshaw Liquor & Firearm stores ONLY
I’m Less offended Jesus is played by a white male and more offended Jesus is being played by Jennifer Aniston #SonOfGod
OPRAH Rescues Africa from starvation. Helicopter Drops The Secret over Poorest Countries
Steve Harvey Starts First All Male Women’s Church. Tyrese Appointed Bishop.
I’ll Be Gay for a Day

J Cole Forest Hills Drive | Album Review

j Cole Forest Hills Drive

The J Cole Forest Hills Drive album makes me happy. Because even though it doesn’t make me stop what I’m supposed to be doing for something I can totally do later it’s still a really good album and keeps you knowing that J Cole has a classic in him somewhere in the midst of all the clutter. Continue Reading →