One Hour To Wealth

The book is great but the author is even better. I met Chris Burns through a series of fortuitous Facebook events. His book comes with a 30 minute business consultation (via autographed copy available through his website, but he will be answering questions here on PC for those of you who want to submit questions to me) and that consultation he came in reformatted my we...
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Michael Archie. Workforce Comics. The next big thing – Part 1

Workforce Volume 2 cover by Michael Archie
Hip Hop execs, when asked how they know when an unsigned artists is hot, they say "typically when the music finds you. No digging. No searching. It just finds you. Again and again. That's when I know." This is how I came to hear of Michael Archie, the writer, artist, and executive producer behind the Workforce comic book. I just kept seeing the name pop up. I first heard a...
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Perfect Peace by Daniel Black

Perfect Peace by Daniel Black - a phenomenal read.
Perfect Peace is a phenomenal read. It is the ultimate page turner. It's hilarious, triumphant, heart wrenching, and spiritual. It's so authentic that it follows you. It does what literature does best and that is help us ponder who we truly are, what we showcase to the world, and our total impact on it. Perfect Peace - is a book that you won't want to end. You ...
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Black No More – Finally A Book on Race That Make Us Laugh

Black No More
Black No More is a quirky scientific thriller about a technology that changes Blacks to blond haired, blue eyed, anglo-saxon White people during the Harlem Renaissance. It follows Max Disher through a time period of great expression for the artistic and talented which Max Disher is neither. He's an average joe with with above average dreams. He's a single black man with the...
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Girl In Translation by Jean Kwok – A Great Read

So my woman put me on to this dope dope dope book by Chinese-American writer Jean Kwok. I picked it up and couldn't put it down. It's a coming of age story about a precious little girl named Kimberly Chang that has a gift for school. Along with her mother they migrate from China to America. Quickly her and her mother face a labyrinth of new problems as they come to...
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