Henceforth Now and Forever March 30th is JAY-DAY

Give it up to Young H.O. Yes, clap for him. December 4th a star was born but also a diplomat of the highest order. Yes we must celebrate Jay-z. We must raise our glass in honor of a man that has given us the blue print on how to publicly conduct ourselves in the world of high finance ("Show them how to move in a room full of vultures"), his remarkable leadership abilities ("Hov...
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I Know Guys Like Dame But They All Work for Amway or…

Dame Dash talking that talk on the Breakfast Club
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHX4hWurt8M I know guys like Dame but they all work for Amway or they are disruptive innovators like Steve Jobs that capture you in their "reality distortion beam." They have enough self assurance, bravado, and power to make you doubt conventional wisdom...even when you shouldn't. A man like Dame Dash says more about who we are then he say...
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Kanye West Just Premiered His New Single “All Day” And Its….

The Brit Awards, Show, O2 Arena, London, Britain - 25 Feb 2015
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sejyQ2nug0E Kanye West just premiered his new single, All Day, and it's...it's a sad day in hip hop greatness my nigguh. It's like he's working to see how much he can lose in the shortest period of time. It's like an olympic race in reverse. I'm gotta go. I have to pray for Kanye right now. Something has changed. It really has. This is w...
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Fashawn Ecology. Only thing better than Kendrick Good Kid Maad City (Album Stream)

Fashawn Ecology
Guess whose back. I'm excited to see Fashawn back in the game and back in the game with a cool classic. To complete my hip hop nerd-gasm my favorite most prolific new school rapper released his project under my favorite most prolific old school rapper's record label. Yes the project is on Nas' Mass Appeal Records. I didn't even know Nas had a label which is even mo...
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J Cole Forest Hills Drive | Album Review

j Cole Forest Hills Drive
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73wLiQcyhkc J Cole is hard to place. He raps like your favorite rapper's favorite rapper. Nas and Jay-z are definitely heroes for which he patterned himself after. Every 8 bars sticking and moving with clothes, hoes, and flows rap and then bounces back in with god body, blackness of meditation, Huey P Newton raps. Each jab. Each hook....
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