Fashawn spits 100 Bars over Jay Z’s Coming of Age

My favorite young rapper, Fashawn, drops a gem over a beat meant for kings. I love a good song.  But even more I love good raps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=123&v=2Ldw-18vQ28
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Yasiin Bey Explains His Leaving America

Last I checked, Yasiin Bey (A.K.A Mos Def) was residing in the country of South Africa. The depth of his creativity, Bey says, is limited in America. More importantly Yasiin Bey expresses that America takes a significant toll on his psyche citing conflicts in Baltimore, Iraq, and Yemen as examples of driving forces that sent him packing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1YMMolo...
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Police, if you must kill how about killing the ones we hate too. Top 5 We Can Do Without

2014 ADCOLOR Awards After Party Sponsored By BET Networks And Beats Music
Police like to shoot people that we love. How come they never shoot these shoe shining boot licking Black folks. Here are the top 5 motherfcukers that never loved us! 5.) Clarence Thomas. The only justice who has not asked a single question in 8 years of Supreme Court oral arguments. A man that admittedly uses only simple words in his opinions in hopes that the average joe...
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Mindy Kaling’s Brother is a Pathological Liar and Here’s Why | @PoliteConvo #MindyKaling

I guarantee that a quick conversation with Vijay Chokal-Ingam's friends, family, and coworkers will reveal that he is a pathological liar. Defammation. So what. What can he do to me? Sue me. Good luck with that I'm broke! When I read his experience as a very odd, brown tomato looking Black man, it felt obvious that he is clearly embellishing and creating experiences that I ...
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Levi Pettit Rehearsing for Senate Majority Leader

Levi Pettit's apology was perfect. And that's exactly what's wrong with it. The blazer...check. the presidential tie...check. A cadre of disappointed Black faces...check and a written speech to ensure he stayed on message were the first indications that my brain was being washed. It's as if he was auditioning for America's Next Top President. He refused to give us the goods ...
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I’ll Be “Gay” for a Day….Just Click

gay for a day
To the bruthas that clicked on this to find out what day, how gay, and if ou'yae can luck up on my ootie'bae.... To the friends that thought, "I knew it! REAL Bruthas don't order Hard Apple Cider..." To my ultra conservative kinfolk that thought it was always a possibility when I stopped eating steak... To the choir director that only read the title and pre ordered ...
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I think they put it in Common’s butt?

Common getting revved up for the boing...or is he?
In a recent ankle grabbing interview rapper/awkward actor, Common, created an analogy that said just as much about him as it said about ending racism. He said, and I'm paraphrasing, "I could constantly bring up White people's history but that's like continually bringing up your lover's past ways after they apologized." What's most interesting about the anal...
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