Have You Heard How They Boil A Frog Alive And How They Kill Blacks Without A Sigh

Have you heard the story of how they boil a frog alive and how they kill Blacks without a sigh A cook wanted to boil his frog alive and whole. He overheard nearby cooks saying this preserves the most flavor. Brings the most customers. Makes the most money. But there was one problem -- Frogs jump when water is too hot. The cook tried everything he even tried to use ...
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Bmore Protestor Says, “We’ll Kill” out of Righteous Indignation for Freddie Gray

I can't say that killing works. But I can't say that marching works either. Unfortunately, I often feel as though the country is designed for violence. Martin tried peace and look what he got. Malcolm tried self defense and look what he got. SMH. It doesn't have to be this way. Truly it doesn't have to be this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVdfZhkvNHo#t=88 But it w...
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Top 5 things you should do if police kill me #IfPoliceKilledMe

Mookie with trash can
1.)  Kick Sum'then! I really do want you to make a scene. Know that in life I abhor silence: Silent vigils, moments of silence, silence of the lambs. I hate silence. Show your love for ya'boy by kicking a trash can over for ya'boy. 2.) Do not recite any spoken words Please please! I repeat.....please do not recite any lily livered spoken words to commemorate me. That i...
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Did Faith Get Us Through Slavery or Nah | @PoliteConvo

Ben Carson went in on hip hop for deviously corrupting the minds of the Black community. Suggesting that somewhere along the way we traded a fruitful faith for digital tomfoolery. Ben Carson on slavery and hip hop is, I think, a good polite conversation to have. Now now we could take a radical leftist view and say "Slavery enslaved the body while Christianity enslaved the...
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How come nothing racist ever happens to me ::sad face::

How come racist things always happen to the people that deserve it the least. You know...people who don't know the golden opportunity that has been bestowed upon them.   Racism is like a well timed dragon punch when your opponent is too high in the air. Racism is like an emotionally stable woman who is content with "just" sex complete with no daddy issues. Rac...
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There is Hope.

Had a conversation with my brother yesterday. He told me that he finds my work hard to read. While humorist he echoed that it was rather sorrowful. Can't say I haven't thought the same in my still moments. I think endlessly about writing that thing...that thing that grabs attention, connects you with the stranger, sparks debate, and has the folks visiting the well I so ...
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What Did U Do This Weekend? Save Black America. And U?

Cash Mob on Mount Rainier
This weekend was beautiful. My peoples and I SAVED Black America in one mighty leap. We did that by simply doing this - agreeing that Black life is much better when Black people got money. WHATTTTTT. Black people agreed on something. WHATTTT. Black people came together. WHAATTTT. Yes you nincompoop. Funny that when a group no matter how small focuses less on...
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