How he say he love me, Then say he don’t wanna hang out with me

Woman Confused and Stressed
Weekly women talk one another off the ledge to figure out how can HE say he love me and then say HE doesn't want to be around me all the time. Now this can be very difficult for some women to understand (notice I said "some". now my femi-crats can't call me a sexist pig). Check mate (imagine and insert a derogatory term that is not b!tch3s). This is very hard to underst...
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Which Would’Chu Choose? The PROfessional or The HOEfessional

Man A or Man B. Which would you choose?
So ladies which would you choose (no offense gaydies just seems like a woman's issue). So would you choose: Magic Mike or Mundane Moses. Would you choose instant satisfaction or the 401k package? Would you choose The PROfessional - the man that strives for a better America, buys shea butter from Jamaicans, works for the reputation of his Black people...Ashae Ashae, who suppre...
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Why Women Should Approach Men More Often. Is you real or nah?

Women getting make up for the guys they will ignore later tonight
I just realized it but to date my most successful longest lasting relationships came when women stepped to me out of the blue, opened conversation, and batted their eyes as if to say “You are the Last Dragon Bruce Leroy and upon exiting this trap’azz ratchet’azz club my love will give you all the power you need to catch bullets with your teeth.” One of those approachees...
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Top Phrases from Newlyweds

These are top phrases from newly married couples. 1) Oh sh!t 2) Sorry babe this is as good as it gets. 3) Baby, Google Hangouts already exists and it sucks. 4) Hold up I have to poop first. 5) Why can't we be more adventurous like my friends on Instagram. 6) But trust me friend with all that said marriage is a good thing. 7) If we stop eating out so much we can totally...
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Jumping in the Pool With Your Watch On: Gender, Sexuality, and the Church

Once upon a time there was a woman with a brand new watch. She used to love to go swimming, but would never take her watch off when she jumped into the pool.  Friends and family used to warn her “you really shouldn’t jump in the pool with your watch on.” But alas, she didn’t pay them any mind and kept right on jumping in the pool while wearing her watch. Until one day. She l...
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Agree | Disagree – COMMITMENT is a waste of your time!

COMMITMENT is waste of your time! (if and only if you are single, and you want to be married…) by commitment, i mean dating one person exclusively…thereby shutting yourself off from all other prospects. i know we are accustomed to a certain relationship pattern… you meet somebody you spend alotta time with that person you get into a relationship monogamy ...
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