O NOOO. Kanye is Whitney. And Kim is Bobby!

Kim licking kanye. Bobby licking Whitney.
My friend ALWAYS says Kanye has been having a public nervous breakdown for the last 5 years. I fought her on it for so long. I chalked it up to him being a genius. I said Kanye just "talking on TV like it's just you and me." I felt like I was him -- a soldier for truth whose message will sometimes come out a bit unpolished because "I ain't one of the Cosbys / I ain't go...
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NPR, Where Yall Find’Dis Robert Alter Nickuh? A Pox On Ur Upper Eastside House. A pox!

Eurpeans contributed'uh'many great things to the world...Nutella being one'uv'them. But the pyramids...NAH BRUH! NPR...how do you announce this ignorant ass Robert Alter nickuh as a scholar, let him make grandiose ass statements such as the Egyptians were Caucasian without providing any scholarly evidence, time periods, pictures, etc. Damn the scholarly evidence....he d...
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Relationship Experts make an A$$ of U and ME

  Listen to our very first Polite Conversation.  It is composed of two anonymous participants. Their voices have been altered to protect their identity and encourage openness. We are still having fun with this. Expect the conversation style, format, and levels of intrigue to change. This conversation is about self proclaimed relationship experts and their assump...
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Polite Conversation – What’s so special about natural hair girls?

wayne my girlfriend thinks i have a thing for natural haired women? it's hard to refute because i have a trail of all-nat-cher-rails behind me. we have all-natural friends that are NOT deep pro-black herbalist medicine women. so why the attraction? then it struck me. it's not the natural. it's the rebellion that i like. so what's all the hoopla surrounding natural hair wo...
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From Martin Luther to Martin Lawrence. Is Cornel West A Joke?

Was I the only person who thought Cornel West was the closest America had come to producing the next Martin Luther King?  The soulful witticism.  The socratic dance.  The effortless maneuvers through complex thoughts.  Amidst acknowledging the grim todays and tomorrows for those home and abroad, he never stop telling us about the virtues of love, hope, and faith. Then th...
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