Did Faith Get Us Through Slavery or Nah | @PoliteConvo

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Ben Carson went in on hip hop for deviously corrupting the minds of the Black community. Suggesting that somewhere along the way we traded a fruitful faith for digital tomfoolery.

Ben Carson on slavery and hip hop is, I think, a good polite conversation to have.


Now now we could take a radical leftist view and say “Slavery enslaved the body while Christianity enslaved the mind” or we could take a radical right view and break out into a holy ghost shout singing “If it hadn’t been for Jeeeesus…WHERE WOULD I BEEEEE!!!” And just pass out on the floor.

But rarely is one thing one way all the time.

Christianity, I’m certain, gave many downtrodden slaves the mechanisms to cope with a purposeless life. Focusing on the sweet bye and bye as opposed to a bitter here and now is actually a rather brilliant coping mechanism for a person that will have no sweetness in life.

zombie16x9Such religious commitment is extremely rebellious in that it prevents the walking dead (no pun intended…well maybe it is) from being the actual dead. Surviving is a revolutionary practice in and of itself.  Gotta be alive to fight another day.

But after slavery the same Christianity that valiantly mustered just enough motivation to survive, I suppose, had little practice at doing anything else and was unable to power it’s followers to flourish in the “new” world.

Booker T, Marcus Garvery, Malcolm, and Martin all cite instances where the downtrodden were so fixated on just surviving that they could not get them to develop the mind needed to build success in this life. In that regard, the faith that saved them yesterday brought slow death the next day.

Many that tried to “uplift the race” through intellect and action were ridiculed as snobs.

Christianity encourages humility, love, and forgiveness even for mass murdering maniacmalcolm-quote-love-the-oppressor-hate-the-oppresseds. The new testament is not a religion of state resistance. In fact, it encourages you to be persecuted by the state and even put to death IF AND ONLY IF the state denies the right to worship Christ.

Now Judaism and Islam are very much religions of state resistance and significant text is dedicate to  state  management and dominance. But that’s a topic for anutha’day!

Christianity does not have significant scripture dedicated to less exciting issues such as academic excellence, daily hours one should dedicate to their craft; and certainly not more serious issues like jim crow laws, prison industrial complex, poor educational systems, and drug wars that rack up more bodies in Chicago than Iraq.

John Henrick clarke quote about students

Without that direct instruction Christians, Catholics, and Jehovah Witnesses do not see themselves as fit to change these outcomes but rather eager to receive their consequences. Therefore most are counter productive to movements of progress.

So in my opinion, the Christian faith greatly helped and helps downtrodden Blacks come to peace with internal anguish but it does not help them flourish. Only time will tell if it will contribute to the undoing of us all. It is both ying and yang.


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