Girl In Translation by Jean Kwok – A Great Read

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Girl in Translation
An exceptional read.

So my woman put me on to this dope dope dope book by Chinese-American writer Jean Kwok. I picked it up and couldn’t put it down.

It’s a coming of age story about a precious little girl named Kimberly Chang that has a gift for school. Along with her mother they migrate from China to America.

Quickly her and her mother face a labyrinth of new problems as they come to America on the promise of new tomorrows but immediately find themselves in the grips of poverty. I followed them as they sincerely and sometimes comically remind me of being in poverty and not totally knowing it.

Not understanding fully they put their complete trust in a wealthy family member that employs them in their sweat shop. Kimberly travels unafraid through poor black and brown neighborhoods in a subtle transition that feels like gentrification to the best private high school in the city with extremely wealthy children.

Kimberly struggles to create an identity, find love, and make friends all while juggling her extreme differences with the poor and the rich and tries to hide from everyone that she is a child laborer in a sweat shop.

This is a great book and would entertain just about all age groups.