Have You Heard How They Boil A Frog Alive And How They Kill Blacks Without A Sigh

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Have you heard the story of how they boil a frog alive and how they kill Blacks without a sigh

A cook wanted to boil his frog alive and whole. He overheard nearby cooks saying this preserves the most flavor. Brings the most customers. Makes the most money.

But there was one problem — Frogs jump when water is too hot.

The cook tried everything he even tried to use a top before the water got hot but the frog fought back. This hurt the cook’s heart to see the good frog pass away in agony.

Not to mention the fight ruined the frog’s texture, the customer’s were not happy, and no money was made.


Finally, he swallowed his pride and asked a fellow cook how to boil a frog alive?

well why are you still sitting there

Then his fellow cook told him that the secret is patience. He said you must first let the frog sit in cool water for an hour. Get the frog comfortable.

Then simmer the pot. The frog will feel like he’s in a nice warm bath. It will fall asleep. Continually raise the fire until it reaches a slow boil. His feet stick and his legs will stiffen and then viola…

A perfectly boiled frog, and a perfectly happy customer, a perfectly clear conscious.

For the frog there are are many lessons to this story:

#1 Know your natural habitat. the place where you thrive best, and let know one else decide it for you or keep you from it.

At some point I’m sure froggy thought to himself, “I am not my best me when i’m in a metal pot with tap water above my eyebrows.” But he let someone else decide his habitat and create comfort for him.

kermit-shocked-at-your-betrayal#2 – Never let comfort be a reason to accept an unrewarding change.

I cant’ tell u how many companies I clung to while they were in the mist of downsizing. It was always because of fear. And no man or woman is equipped to live until they have learned to live with fear.

I guess comfortable malfunction calms weary nerves while proactive functioning frightens them for a time.

#3 when working with outsiders never let them change your circumstances unless you have the right to change their circumstances.

Had Froggy sat down with the cook before jumping in that pot and they cranked out the terms of their association the frog would have certainly penned a clause in his contract which read, “should anything harmful happen in that pot i have the right to immediately pluck out your eye balls.”

6000-8000 Black men, women, and children are killed each year.  We’re only 15% of the country yet we receive %50-80% of it’s toil.  Unemployment. Dirty neighborhoods. Negative stigmas.

Asks yourself who is deciding your circumstances?  And if you can change their circumstances?  If you can’t, break your partnership.  The hour is too late to waste time.

kermit-be-right-back-will-need-more-tea-for-thisIt just dawned on me that when people are in the gutters of history they typically don’t KNOW that they are!

Victims didn’t know it was the holocaust at the time. They didn’t know, at the time, that 6 million would be killed.

At first they just thought something really bad happened to Rick down the street, then John, then Sue, but never me, until it was them!


You have to know when the water is getting hotter. You have to know that every game has a patsy and if YOU don’t know who the patsy is then it’s YOU!Malcolm X Education Warning

Freddie Grey, Rekia Boyd, Trayvon Martin, and countless others…they didn’t wake up thinking that they would be history.  LISTEN TO ME. YOU COULD BE NEXT!

It’s time to create unreasonable demands of each other,  our radio stations, schools, our government, and our employers.

Up ye mighty race and find your way by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

And let’s be about the business of civilizing this uncivilized country we call America.