How he say he love me, Then say he don’t wanna hang out with me

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Woman Confused and StressedWeekly women talk one another off the ledge to figure out how can HE say he love me and then say HE doesn’t want to be around me all the time.

Now this can be very difficult for some women to understand (notice I said “some”. now my femi-crats can’t call me a sexist pig). Check mate (imagine and insert a derogatory term that is not b!tch3s).

This is very hard to understand because basic math says that
I like you + you like me = endless hours of hugging, snuggling, and bae’ing wit’ boopie in 2015.

back to the vision board
back to the vision board

But love is not basic math. Love is like that new common core math (Common core…looks more like Connect Four).

They didn’t have that kinda math when I was growing up…

First let me say what it is NOT………………..all the time.
— It doesnt’ mean that he doesn’t like you……..all the time.
— It doesn’t mean that he is cheating on you……all the time.
— It doesn’t mean that you are uninteresting……all the time.
— It doesn’t mean that he is on the down low……all the time.
— It doesn’t mean that men’n’women are different..all the time.

What else could it be!

The real reason is because you have been “raised” to adore, crave, and greatly desire a man’s presence.

Two subtle revelations that you missed in this statement:
1) You were raised not only by your mother and grandmother (maybe father and grandfather) you were also raised by all of your cultures. American culture, western culture, pop culture, hip hop, reggae, christian, islamic, jehovah’s witness, and catholic culture. All of it informs how we interact with each other romantically and personally.
2) When I said “you” I didn’t mean just “you women”. I meant men as well. Heterosexual men to be exact. SHOCKING. Blew my mind too. I know i’ll explain.

The reason behind the reason is that America is greatly tilted to favor the man: God is a man, all the presidents are men, all the popular heroes are men, all the lead power rangers are MENZ, the lead singers in all the biggest bands are MENZ…..not womenz womenz womenz. But Menz!

By the time you are 9 years old everybody wants to be THE MAN! And while boys have a chance of being THE MAN little girls are left to chase the next best thing — the presence of THE MAN.

Now now now….none of this is happening in your consciousness. Like Freud’n’nem said, “it’s buried up in your subconscious Martin!”

ha ha ha. You remember when Bruh Man broke down Sigmund Freud because Martin had sexy dreams about Pam.

And you got to dig for it to find it! And you can do it. Why? Well you’re reading so you’re obviously an exceptional person!

So if I haven’t broken it down enough I will put it like this. Our society puts women at the bottom of the totem pole and men at the top of the totem pole. Therefore women will cancel plans with women friends just to watch tv with a man…a neanderthal of a man, a local-azz man, a grown man still dressin’ like he trying out for the Bayside High football team kinda man.

Dat one in the back like I can’t wait to leave deese chicks and see my manz.

Now a man who is out with his boys…He’s not canceling plans with his boys to hang out with his girl on THE COUCH! PLEASE! That’s dumb….in this kind of man’s mind. The only time this kind of man will leave his boys and run to his woman’s house is if their is potential for (fill in the blank lovely brilliant readers)

Texting…I’ll be over in 15 minutes. I’ll be over in 30 minutes. I’ll be over in 1 hour.

Why…because even this kind of man rather be in the company of men…generally speaking. In his sub-conscious he thinks that men are better company than women.

Now are men better company than women…hmmm…I will tackle that in Part II tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll put this in my book…Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Manatee.