How come nothing racist ever happens to me ::sad face::

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How come racist things always happen to the people that deserve it the least. You know…people who don’t know the golden opportunity that has been bestowed upon them.


Racism is like a well timed dragon punch when your opponent is too high in the air.


Racism is like an emotionally stable woman who is content with “just” sex complete with no daddy issues. Racism is like getting your brand new red botttoms stuck in your lawn and as soon you pull it out crude oil as pure as sweet baby Jesus comes shooting out of the dirt.

But no…people who don’t know how to act when racism happens they ALWAYS get the golden goose egg. Not me. I must be content to struggle everyday. To inherent nothing but the sweat of my brow and the toil of my back to earn a decent living.

Instead we get a group known as OU Unheard to represent us. What’s the benefit of being a victim if you are unheard!

Here’s the recent statement that OU Unheard released about the racist video chant at Oklahoma University:

Black students from University of Oklahama…are stepping up demands for diversity after members of the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon were caught on video chanting racial slurs.

Seriously…in times like that you don’t ask for a lateral promotion. You ask for an upward promotion. They are essentially asking to bring more Black students to the campus. IT’S A RACIST CAMPUS though! Why put more fish in the barrel to get capped.

No, OU Unheard, you should have asked for a no-fee, all expenses paid, all tuition paid transfer to Yale University based on the grounds that you do not feel safe going to a school slash haven for hatred!

Yo…again another example of smart Black people that do not know how to play Racial Olympics just like my man B-Rock (also known as Barack Obama)

But that’s okay. I stay prayed up. Hoping that I get punched in the face by a White Police Officer. You talking about GRANDSTANDING. My CNN interview is going be up for an Oscar.

“And for the first time in Oscar history a performance that wasn’t even a movie, the oscar goes to PAVAROTTISHAKUR!!!”

But I won’t go up their doing back flips. I’m gonna go up there real happy immediately get serious and then go kanyeeezy all over the place. Imma through my lil’gold oscar in the stands and be like “fcuk the academy”.

See we have to change this world! This country! One frivolous lawsuit at a time. That’s right you heard it from me. The best way to get ahead in this country is through fakery. And now I know Black people you have a “I hate fakery” gene in your body but you have to think about the long game and ALWAYS know that the devil is busy.

Trust me anytime you escape the slim odds of getting out a racist situation with your life you make sure you get’cho money.