If they married, would his name change to CREFLO 3000 DOLLARS!

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Somewhere in an alternate Black future universe Creflo Dollar gets along with gays and shuns Bishop Eddie Long (accused repeat child molester). But this is not that alternate Black Future and this is not that universe.


But do not fret. Everything is fine and the world is not falling. You is still kind. You is still smart. And you is still important. You is kind. You is smart. You is important.

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Creflo Dollar requested 200,000 of his supporters to donate $300 dollars each to pay for a Gulfstream G650 jet totaling $65 million dollars.

Side note 200,000 * 300 = 60 million. I don’t know where that other $5 million is going….I unno…maybe taxes is’uh’MUG when you flying high in the friendly skies. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Many think that Creflo Dollar is a liar or a backstabber or a false prophet. I don’t think he’s a false prophet. But I think he’s a man with a philosophy that he truly believes. I think he’s simply reached a logical end to his own philosophy.

The mind is powerful. So powerful that we knowingly use it everyday and still are at a total loss for words when asked to control it. And when the mind believes it, truly believes, you don’t need deception or some elaborate trick to make it believe. It commits to it. It just does.

His requests makes sense logically just think about it; if in fact he is saving souls from eternal pain then 65 million dollars truly means nothing. If that’s what it took to rescue you, wouldn’t you want someone to come up off that cash.

No I believe Creflo believes he is sincere and that his supporters feel he will be a good steward of their money. Quite plainly I don’t think he’s brainwashing them. He has a message that they connect with and when he connects they don’t mind supporting him. Where’s the deception in this?

Some interesting moments I picked out in this video: their current plane was purchased under the admission that it would be used for preaching the gospel and saving souls. However, they discovered that the plane was in mechanical failure while it experienced a mechanical failure mid-air with his daughters on it flying to Hawaii.

Skeerrrrrrrrrrrp. Hold up did you say Hawaii. What souls need saving in Hawaii that aren’t already saved. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I also noted that in his request the very first country mentioned was Nairobi, Kenya in Africa. WHY DO THEY ALWAYS SAY AFRICA!


Apparently just saying Africa can get you at least $1 million in donations. Why do people feel like African’s didn’t know how to live until America was invented. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Shakes my dayuummm head!

I recently had a conversation in a bar about donating to churches. I said I think it’s a wonderful idea but I think that churches are imbalanced because they only invest, largely, in the spirit of a person. They do not invest in his physical and they do not invest in his mental. They believe that once the spirit is filled then the mental and physical are automatically taken care of.

I believe that your religious institutions are the most important aspects of your culture. Because, as John Henrick Clarke (or Ivan Sertima…one’uh’dem), said that Culture is what powers your consciousness to do great things. When you lose your culture you lose the ability to collectively power yourself into the next generation impressively.

And one thing we all can agree is that we did lose our culture and we haven’t been very impressive.

Asks rap

Like I said earlier, I feel our weakness as Christians is that our lack of balance in mind, body, and spirit results in people (certainly not all) not knowing the value of their body, their brother’s body, and being unable to complete tasks that require patience and mental exercise.

So…smart people only…what’chu think? Am I way off base? Have you ever contributed money to some crazy scheme (like a degree that ain’t gon get’chu no money)? Would you give to Creflo Dollar? I will not allow any hatred on anybody that comments. You are entitled to support causes you believe make the world a better place.