NPR, Where Yall Find’Dis Robert Alter Nickuh? A Pox On Ur Upper Eastside House. A pox!

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where dey get dis nickuh from? NPR....A pox on your house.
where dey get dis nickuh from? NPR….A pox on your house.

Eurpeans contributed’uh’many great things to the world…Nutella being one’uv’them. But the pyramids…NAH BRUH!

NPR…how do you announce this ignorant ass Robert Alter nickuh as a scholar, let him make grandiose ass statements such as the Egyptians were Caucasian without providing any scholarly evidence, time periods, pictures, etc. Damn the scholarly evidence….he didn’t even give a reason. He just said some ub-dooominable sh!t and kept it moving like a pimp.

Come on Trixie! Once these IRAs mature we both can quit. A Pimp Named Slickback, what’s an IRA? It’s futures, interests, equities, multiplication, division, things your mind cannot comprehend, Trixie.

And Robert Siegal….where are your balls at? What do you do for a living? Who gave you this job? What are you there for? if you aren’t out there challenging notions…and shit…what the hell are you on NPR for? If I wanted to listen to unfounded opinions, then I would DVR Fox & Friends because it conflicts with my alone time with Sean Hannity.

I’m not even going to provide a link to that dumb ass interview. You will get no click backs from me sir. I know you’re just trying to boost the slumping sales of your historically inaccurate film about White Moses to imprint White exceptionalism in the minds of children across the world.

Robert Siegal…yo’b!tCh’azz

But PavarottiShakur, if they were dark skin the movie wouldn’t sell. Fuck your pockey book. History is to be told not to be sold…B!tches!

The movie is not only failing in the hearts and minds of people it’s also flopping at the box office.

NPR…stick yalls asses to Car Talk and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. Leave provocative thought to smart accomplished people. And not you upper east side pseudo-intellectuals.