O NOOO. Kanye is Whitney. And Kim is Bobby!

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Kim licking Kanye. Bobby licking Whitney
Say it ain’t so…Please. Is she bringing him down?

My friend ALWAYS says Kanye has been having a public nervous breakdown for the last 5 years. I fought her on it for so long.

I chalked it up to him being a genius. I said Kanye just “talking on TV like it’s just you and me.” I felt like I was him — a soldier for truth whose message will sometimes come out a bit unpolished because “I ain’t one of the Cosbys / I ain’t go to Hillman.”

But now I think I’ve seen enough signs that he is fraying at the edges, coming undone, flying through a Vanilla Sky because the coo-coos nest is NOT epic enough for him.

Before judging Kanye, I always have to prove my love for all things Kanye to get any traction. Understand to this day, I am the only person that constantly defends his “Beyonce had the best video of all times” fiasco. Because it was!!! Beyonce’s Single Ladies video is a global cultural phenomena and we will mark what we wore, who we were with, and where our minds were by that moment.

Who can sit down when Single Ladies comes on. It's the trillest.
Who can sit down when Single Ladies comes on. It’s the trillest.

Now can you remember the name of Taylor Swift’s award winning video.

I also don’t think “YOU AIN’T GOT THE ANSWERS, SWAY” was crazy. To this day, I think that’s the most important interview I’ve seen ever. He’s saying he’s got money but his money ain’t good at the highest levels of industry. Classism and Racism are still heavily at work even when you got money.

I love his protest against NIKE. More must do it to end the cycle of rich nigguhs making poor decisions. He’s NOT trying to be a promoter, a face for a brand, and rich today but broke and/or irrelevant tomorrow.

He’s trying to innovate and create industry but NIKE is standing in the way. Ye is speaking of the same classist\sexist\racist enemy that Ralph Ellison speaks of that is everywhere yet you can’t see him. But still you bump into him, her, or IT at every turn but that something is bigger and badder than you and it is unyielding. He was right, SWAY does not have the answers!

Sway was thinking too small and Ye called him out. If I invest $13 million I too would be mad if somebody who hasn’t done the same tried to school me.

I agree with his Beck protest. Sorry, you can’t win album of the year if the only people who listen to you are band majors. Win another category. Not best album.

Kanye has endured more public psychological trauma than any artists that I can think of. His near death car accident, the tragic and unexpected death of his mother (Rest in Power Donda), “George Bush does not like Black People”, him leaving the country after the public turned on him for what he did to Taylor Swift, and lastly his breakup with former girlfriend Amber Rose.

Yes, the loss of love can be very hard on the psyche and I didn’t think she was that important until seeing her peek up throughout My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. AN AMAZING ALBUM by the way.

But if Amber Rose inspired MBDTF and Kim Kardashian inspired Yeezus then that is not a good sign for his upcoming music. Yeezus sounds like a soundtrack to serial killing and prison rape. It’s weird because Ye is always forward thinking but he excelled, i thought, because he always was more connected than everybody else but lately he seems more wild and disconnected.

It’s sad because I wanna see Kanye become a billion dollar mogul and get everything he wants because I think he has a chance of doing more good than Ralph Lauren. But if his mental health is in danger then he could truly hurt himself.

I’m totally speculating and I may regret saying this because he is a real human being deserving of respect but sometimes I feel like Kanye is on heavy drugs. Is it possible that his most weird behavior started with getting with Kim Kardashian? Is she feeding his nostrils white pixie dust? I dunno. Sometimes I look at her and she looks like she doesn’t know where she’s at.

If that’s the case, then they are getting very famous by everyone waiting for them to go down in a blaze of glory just like Whitney and Bobby. When Bobby and Whitney announced their marriage everybody knew it was bad, everybody thought it was train wreck. But neither of them were known for taking advice.

I am not suggesting that Kanye and Kim are not truly in love. But some people don’t mix well together. Kanye needs something to calm him down and make him reason more but still keep it trill like Claire Underwood. He doesn’t need somebody that makes him turn up…he’s the turn up king. Anymore turn up and he’ll be turned into a mental facility.

Een’way. God Bless Kanye and Kim. I hope their union remains strong and healthy for both their sake.