Perfect Peace by Daniel Black

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Perfect Peace is a phenomenal read. It is the ultimate page turner. It’s hilarious, triumphant, heart wrenching, and spiritual. It’s so authentic that it follows you. It does what literature does best and that is help us ponder who we truly are, what we showcase to the world, and our total impact on it. Perfect Peace – is a book that you won’t want to end.

You know how they say if you want to make God laugh make a plan. Well truer words could not better describe the mother, Emma Jean, who desperately wants a daughter but God, the universe, the Dao, or whatever makes you comfortable gives her 6 rambunctious boys. But on the 7th she knows in her knower that this child will be the daughter that she can give everything that she never received.

But when her 7th and final child is a boy the hijinks ensue. Distraught she employs a series of the most interesting yet totally plausible tactics to deceive everyone into believing that her newborn boy is a girl which she names Perfect Peace.

Perfect Peace is raised as a beautiful dress wearing girl. He believes he’s a girl and so does everyone else until a mistake set in motion by her blind brother reveals that Perfect Peace is a boy at the age of 8. The family and their small town is blown away by the news. Having to question everything they know about what a boy is? Along with the pressure to walk, talk, and feel like a boy as well. It gets most interesting when these events must be reconciled with their Christian faith as Perfect is scolded for acting like a “sissy” and “sissies can’t get into heaven.”

This is when the book reveals a heart wrenching truth about how our love of God sometimes makes our loved ones feel totally unloved when they are helplessly are unable to live up to our predefined expectations.

Lastly, what i love about this book is that it avoids common dramatic devices. It tells the story in such a way that anybody who grew up in a devoutly religious household could totally say that’s exactly how that would have played out in my household.

Daniel Black, yo, you did a good ass job brother.