Police, if you must kill how about killing the ones we hate too. Top 5 We Can Do Without

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Police like to shoot people that we love. How come they never shoot these shoe shining boot licking Black folks. Here are the top 5 motherfcukers that never loved us!

clarence Thomas
::YAWN:: Nobody saw that coming.

5.) Clarence Thomas. The only justice who has not asked a single question in 8 years of Supreme Court oral arguments. A man that admittedly uses only simple words in his opinions in hopes that the average joe will understand — A defense I would believe if he did NOT admit that he was uncomfortable w/the English language until his 30s.  Is it possible that he is scared he will say something stupid, embarrass himself, and sh!t his pants?

Washington D.C. Police, Knock him OUT THE BOX.

4.) Mo3rd Annual HAITI CHERIE: Pride Love And Commitment Fundraiserna Scott Young. Executive Producer of the Love & Hip Hop series. She is one of the many of us going up the downward staircase chasing power, thinking its money, coming to the end of your tired journey exactly where you started. In all fairness, this is not just Mona Scott Young. This is everyone one us that refuses to build the necessary skill to rely on no one but self and community.

But lets not waste anytime. Atlanta Police…you won’t have to worry about a protests from me!

byronThomas3.) After watching Byron Thomas it’s crystal clear that he suffers from a severe learning disability. I hope and pray he gets the help that he deserves.  BUT CHANCES ARE…he won’t get that help because he’s in South Carolina a state that refused Affordable Health Care funds from the federal government.

So you know what…South Carolina PD let’s put him on the minority report too.

Martin-Baker  2.) Martin Baker suffers from a disease that most Black Conservatives suffer — a romanticized history of American history and Black history.  You can always spot victims of this disease when they say that we all must return to the faithy centered values that made America a great country.  Never considering that those values were possibly forsaken because of soaring moral rhetoric was not supported by the country’s continual blood lust.  In this picture, Martin Baker is the only Black man at the rally for Darren Wilson.

Martin Baker is a boot licker. So Missouri police here is another one that we certainly do not need.

2014 ADCOLOR Awards After Party Sponsored By BET Networks And Beats Music

1.) Don Lemon.  YOU WIN.  No explanation necessary. Please just get this shoe shining coon out of here.

This piece was tough to write because I am man of peace. I advocate turning the other cheek. But the recent killings, beatings, and acquittals suggests that this country doesn’t want my cheek but they want my very soul off of this earth. Even the violence within my community is fostered, perpetuated, and instigated by this very system.

I have this overwhelming feeling that we are living in a more dangerous time than we think. This became more apparent to me when I traveled across America and outside of America. The same condition and the same reasons repeated over and over.

The time for turning the other cheek is over. If they smack your cheek break their necks.