PavarottiShakur and his reindeer.
PavarottiShakur and his reindeer.

Polite Conversation is the humor, thought, and conversations of, myself, PavarottiShakur – the pro faux intah-leck-shu-woe (intellectual)!

Polite Conversation is DESPERATELY trying to be the kitchen table more than the break room table. I want this to be a place where Black folks can laugh about race and non-Black people can participate in the race debate without being called racist. If you’re like me you know you just can’t with #BlackTwitter. As empowering as it is (and it certainly is powerful) it is very depressing. And if we’re going to make it through these rough times we’re going to need venues that help us feel good instantly.

I hope to get more into writing comic strips (provided I find an artist) and video (provided I find a camera). Rap, Race, and Religion are my top interests. It is the lens through which I see the world.

I write humorist analysis, fake news, and some times hosts recorded conversations with great around the way thinkers.

My political views are often anti-big business, pro poor, pro middle class, and reparations issued in newly minted, rubber band wrapped, Barack Obama bills. $10 Trillion of them…by Juneteenth.

From time to time I will host either a text or audio conversation with some of my amazingly brilliant friends.