About Polite Conversation

PavarottiShakur Caricature

Polite Conversation is the humor, thought, and conversations of, myself, PavarottiShakur.

I do fake news and other things.

Rap, Race, and Religion are my top interests. It is the lens through which I see the world.

Social and political kitchen table debates are my favorite and at times I will stir up the hornets nest by introducing subversive ideas (but always legal and non-violent, NSA). Generally I keep even these serious topics lighthearted and funny.

My political views are often anti-big business, pro poor, pro middle class, and reparations issued in newly minted, rubber band wrapped, Barack Obama bills. $10 Trillion of them…by Juneteenth.

From time to time I will host either a text or audio conversation with some of my amazingly brilliant friends.

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